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Ellen and Bob Mosley

Ellen and Bob Mosley met at Stanford where both were “hashers.”

Ellen Mosley
Ellen Mosley,  2009

Ellen was born in California, and Bob had come from Kansas in the late 1930s when his dad was in graduate school. In the 1940s Ellen would ride her bike out Alpine – past the Buck Estate, the Stanford convalescent hospital, Interdale, the Piers dairy, a house that became an antique store called Merryvale, Lazy Day, Rosotti’s, a chicken farm and Mangini’s Picnic Park, now almost all long gone. They bought their Westridge lot in 1953 – $5300 for two and a half treeless acres. In those post World War II days, most women didn’t work outside the home, and several families in Westridge were building their own homes. Ellen drew their plans and got a building permit in three days.

Bob Mosley, September 24, 2009
Bob Mosley, 2009

After his day job as an electrical engineer, Bob would prepare bricks for a day’s work, cutting them to shape. He’d mix a batch or mortar before he left the next morning, and during the day Ellen would lay the bricks in place.  They and their four children all rode horses, especially loving going overland on long rides. The population was rising so rapidly that one year a trail might end in someone’s patio, where the previous year it had been an open field.