Dotty Kennedy

Dotty Kennedy and her husband Hugh made an agreement when they were dating that they’d live in California one day. After a year in Milwaukee, looking at a frozen lake all winter, they made the move. They found a quarter acre in Brookside Park with a vista over the Bovet Ranch for $2500, a huge amount in 1953. She remembers that from their house it was like looking out at the whole world.

Doty Kennedy, October 14, 2009
Dotty Kennedy, October 14, 2009

At first, they watched the Bovet cows grazing and then saw Corte Madera School built. Brookside got sewers when the Sequoias went in, and the Kennedys wondered if they could afford to hook up. When the neighborhood wells began to dry up, folks were buying water in garbage cans from friends. And then California Water Co. came in and saved the day. Later, when they moved to Zapata, they were startled to hear from an equestrian that they couldn’t buy the particular lot they had in mind because it was the horse trail! That turned out to be inaccurate. She says it was a sociable place in those days, with progressive dinners being a regular event.


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