Joe Dixon

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Joe Dixon 2009

Joe Dixon and his family camped on the land around Wayside Road in the 1930s. In 1946, he and his wife Pearl bought a plot of land near where his family had camped, and in the early 1950s they built a house in the midst of small summer homes and large ranches. After serving as a radio operator in the South Pacific in World War II, he spent his life building power switchboards for Columbia Electric and making music: a little piano, the guitar, bass, and, as you see here, the banjo. Even at the end of his life he was playing in the Happy Time Banjo Band at the Sopranos in Redwood City.

“I’ve never thought of moving away; I’ve been so spoiled living in paradise,” he has said. “I sit on my deck and look out. You can breathe.”

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  1. I have many happy memories of times at Uncle Joe and Aunt Pearls home…Dick and Trudy too! Loved that place…mant festive holiday memories…and Uncle Joe loved to play that piano! Aunt Pearl used to laugh all the time and loved showing us how to make pottery…they had the best house!

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