Mary Lou Coale Moses

Mary Lou Coale Moses and her first husband, Frank, came to Portola Valley from southern California when Frank went to work for SRI.  They moved into a rental house that SRI found for them on Corte Madera Road when only part of it was paved. Later, when the Rathbuns moved to Alpine Hills, the Coales bought their nearby house for $26,000. Their four little boys loved being there.  “It was wonderful, just right for us,” she says. Frank, who loved the mountains and was a rock climber, was active on the Incorporation Committee in the days before the successful vote in 1964. He then served on the first Planning Commission. He was killed in an airplane crash. Some  time later, Mary Lou married Lincoln Moses, a Stanford professor who served on the school board. They lived on campus for a while but returned to Corte Madera Road. Lincoln remembered when Alpine Road wasn’t paved. She says Portola Valley felt like a community where you could make a difference. She liked that.

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