Nancy Wilson

John Wilson was stationed at Moffet during the war and loved the area so much that he bought ten acres in what became Portola Valley from Dent Macdonough, owner of the Ormondale Ranch. One day in the late fifties, his mother in Akron, Ohio told him to look up the daughter of a family friend, also from Akron, who was also living in the Bay Area. So he met Nancy. Shortly thereafter, on New Year’s Day in 1957, they went for breakfast at the Stanford Golf Course Club House, the only place they could find that was open. Afterward, John suggested that they go for a drive since it was such a beautiful day. He took her to his property on unpaved Golden Hills Drive. They scrambled up a hill to the top, the property John had bought, where he said, “Let’s build our dream house here some day.”  And they did. John went on to found a major Silicon Valley law firm and served on the Town Council while Nancy was busy raising their three children. When she moved to the Sequoias, she met a man there who had worked with the architect who designed their dream house. He was able to give her the original architectural plans for that house that had been build half a century before.

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