Phyllis Blum Quilter

“I really liked both my husbands,” says Phyllis Quilter of Frank Blum and Joe Quilter, whom she married after Frank died in 1974. Looking for a home in the late 1950s, she and Frank “bumped” straight up the hill from Portola Road to what turned out to be the largest Arrowhead Meadows lot. It was so early in the subdivision period that Frank was able to walk the boundaries of the property he wanted.

Phyllis Quilter
Phyllis Quilter, September 12, 2009

They loved their Eichler in Palo Alto, so he designed the new house in that style. Phyllis was one of the few employed women in those times. Beginning before her marriage as one of five women in a GE drafting department of 300 men, she went on to model in New York City and serve for twenty years as a public events coordinator at Stanford. Meanwhile, she was the first chair of newly incorporated Portola Valley Parks and Recreation Committee, she served on the Grand Jury for a year, was president of the YMCA in Redwood City and on the county Human Relations Commission.  At 87, she could play nine holes of golf in 44 strokes.

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