Ruby and Lee Tull

Lee Tull
Lee Tull, December 11, 2009

Lee Tull’s grandfather graduated from Stanford in 1900, and Lee grew up on his Los Altos Hills ranch. When he and Ruby bought their Woodside Highlands house in 1957 (built in 1931 or 1932 when the neighborhood was an area of summer cottages,) financing was difficult because it was considered a “blighted” area with its narrow, winding roads and danger of fire and landslides.

Ruby Tull
Ruby Tull, December 11, 2009

The Tulls call the Highlands a strong community that was even closer in the old days when residents did more neighborhood work themselves. They fondly recall that it was a wonderful place for their children to grow up; they walked paths to school, roamed all over the hill, and raced to the Morsheads to ride the train when Mr. Morshead would blow the whistle.  Although they feel their house that they have made sturdy and stable is too big for them now, they savor the quiet – no sounds at night –  and they find it hard to imagine leaving to live any place else.

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