Walter and Grace LeClerc

Walter LeClerc first saw Alpine Hills in 1953. He loved the wide-open spaces and great vistas. It was then covered with brush with a few small, scattered oaks. After serving in the army in Alaska, he, his wife Grace, and their 4-month old daughter returned to the land he remembered, bought property in 1960 and had built their house by 1962.

Grace and Walter LeClerc
Grace and Walter LeClerc, a terrific pair with a great sense of humor!

He remembers the willingness of Wells Fargo to be flexible enough with a loan that he could work (he was an orthodontist) three days a week and build his house for three days. One day the LeClerc children were delighted to see cowboys outside, looking for cattle that had strayed. Their property was flat, a rarity in Alpine Hills, and provided an excellent playground. Houses were few, but many had swimming pools, and the owners were generous in sharing. One family was a neighborhood gathering place with a pool and an outside bar. Whenever their outside light was on, everyone was welcome to come by. Even then, traffic was an issue, even though he found it a pleasure to drive to work in Menlo Park, meeting perhaps 2 or 3 cars on the way.

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